Juma Jux pours his heart out in album

Singer says he has never dated another girl as long as he did her

In Summary

• It's meant to be the go-to in any moment of love, good or bad

Juma Jux
Juma Jux
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Tanzanian singer Juma Jux has released "The Love Album," a 17-track project with a bonus track.

Speaking to Word Is on Monday, he said, "I wanted my debut album to be about love. You know, love has a lot of things. I wanted this to be the go-to in any moment of love, whether you are in love, falling out of love, sad, happy, you'll find it in this album. That was my dream."

The singer has already released the cover song to this project, called 'Sugua', featuring WCB's Diamond Platnumz.


"He is a person who is well conversant with club bangers, and fans have for a long time wanted us to work together and this was the time. The entire album is real and is about my life," Jux said.

Speaking about his former relationship with Vanessa Mdee, Jux said he is happy for the man she is rumoured to be with, Hollywood actor Rotimi.

"Her song 'Moyo' is one of the good songs. She spoke what was in her heart and in my album, I have responded. I have never dated a girl as long as I dated Vanessa Mdee," he said.

"I always wanted her to be happy. All I want is peace. I'm sure she's happy now. By the way, I watch 'Power' a lot, I love Rotimi and I'm a fan. She's happy and I'm happy and that's what matters."

The 'Fimbo' hitmaker sent his congratulatory messages to his friend and fellow artiste Nyashinski.

"Nyashinski is one person who keeps his life very private. It's a nice step he took and I'll make sure I congratulate him before I leave Nairobi. I will follow suit when the time comes," he said.

Asked about his friendship with Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni, Jux said, "I met Maina through AY, he reached out to me. He started knowing me and found out that I had music that many Kenyans hadn't heard of. He has really connected me with a lot of people, let alone played my music on radio. He has even become a fan and he is really supportive."