Heights would kill me, says Prof Jay

Rapper has a fear of heights

In Summary

• He gets weak and paranoid if taken to a tall building

Professor Jay
Professor Jay
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Prof Jay, real name Joseph Haule, says for a long time now, he has been struggling with a fear of heights.

Speaking on Wasafi Media over the weekend, he said, "I have height phobia. If you get me to a tall building I can even die. It gets very uncomfortable and my body becomes weak. I tried asking whether there's medication for that but there isn't."

The legendary rapper, who now doubles up as MP for Mikumi, says he has changed a lot since he joined Parliament.

"As much as I still do music, I am a leader. I have to show the good morals in my community, so I don't use vixens who are naked or half-naked," he said.

"There's a time I was doing music but promoters would use my name to get money."

Jay went on to narrate how he and friend Ferooz fell out. They had released hits together, among them  'Starehe' and 'Nikusaidiaje'.

"Me and Ferooz aren't used to calling each other. I once went to him with a show that I had advertised and he refused to go. I went with Chid Benz," he said.

Prof Jay has released his latest song, 'Kaza'.