Kyki slams Rosa Ree over Timmy Tdat's nude video

In Summary

• Says Rosa Ree a disgrace to women.

Tanzanian artist Rosa Ree
Tanzanian artist Rosa Ree
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Tanzanian artist Rosa Ree is a disgrace to women, local rapper Kyki has said, blasting her for featuring naked in Timmy Tdat’s bawdy song Vitamin U.

In the video, which has been widely condemned, Ree and Timmy are seen caressing in a bathtub.

“You’re an embarrassment to African female rappers. You’ve embarrassed your mother. You’re misbehaving in Kenya because you will get arrested for such dirty music in your country,” Kyki posted.

A social media user identified as Mboya wrote,

"After watching Timmy Tdat and Rosa Ree’s new project, you will agree with me that some Kenyan artists no longer have strong content for their songs making them opt for nudity for fame. Timmy Tdat’s new song ‘Vitamin U’ is no different from watching an amateur pornographic film."