How I was mugged and stripped - Mike Mondo

Jobhunting mission ended in the arms of robbers

In Summary

• In retrospect, it was the presenter's 'most embarrassing' moment

Classic 105 radio presenter Mike Mondo
Classic 105 radio presenter Mike Mondo

Classic 105 radio presenter Mike Mondo has narrated how he was mugged and left almost naked.

Mike had just come from Mombasa, where he grew up, when the incident happened.


Talking to Terry Muikamba, he said he had just relocated to Nairobi and was living with an aunt in Nairobi West.

"Along Uhuru Highway, there is a bridge and down the bridge is a train station, so the matatu I was in developed a mechanical problem," he said.

"The driver advised us to wait for another car. I was like, 'We are almost at Nairobi West, how about you give me back my Sh20 so I can walk'?" 

The conductor heeded to Mike Mondo's request and gave him back his cash.

"Once the conductor refunded me, I started walking towards home. I had not gone far before I heard someone pulling me by my pants," he said.

"I was ambushed by three people and taken to the cemeteries. I felt myself fly into the air."


Mike, who had come from a job-hunting mission, only had Sh20 on him.

"I told them that I had no job and that I was going home after a tiring day of job searching," he said.

That did not deter the robbers, as they quickly stripped him half-naked. They took his clothes and only left him with a vest and boxers.

"One of the men was holding a knife," Mike said. "I walked from Makaburini to Nairobi West."

Mike said it was a humiliating incident. "That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me because there is nothing as humiliating as other men undressing you," he said.

Terry Muikamba also shared her experience. "I was talking on my phone on Jogoo Road when I suddenly noticed blood oozing from my ear," she said.

"Someone had snatched my phone and in the process pulled my loop earrings. My ear was badly hurt, almost tearing off."

Terry said the incident had left her phobic about wearing loop earrings ever again.