'30 at 30'

Rich Allela showcases 30 best pieces as he turns 30

Weeklong event begins today.

In Summary
  • He is the only Kenyan photographer whose work has been featured by Canon.
Rich Allela
Rich Allela
Image: Courtesy

Multi-award-winning photographer Rich Allela will from today hold a week-long photographic exhibition called ‘30 at 30’ at the Movenpick Hotel.

“I called it 30 at 30 because I’m showcasing 30 of my best pieces while turning 30 years. I don’t specialise in any kind of photography but I focus more on telling our rich culture and heritage and that’s what you will be seeing in this exhibition,” he told Word Is.

“Many people see the end product and not the work that goes on behind the scene. In this exhibition, there will be the use of technology, which has never been seen before in Kenya.

“This collection is a celebration of the rich, the diverse culture of Kenya, its people, along with stunning landscapes, and all the unique things that make our country one special place to live.”

Allela is the only Kenyan photographer whose work has been featured by Canon. Before starting his own studios, Rich Studios Africa, he worked for three years as a footwear designer for Bata.

He, however, resigned to follow his photography passion.

“I’ve been a photographer for the last eight years and it has been a great journey.”

Allela once nearly lost his life while chasing the perfect photo. “I went to Hell’s Gate and opted to take a bike. I lost track of time and buffaloes started coming up. It was a scary moment because I was chased by the buffaloes,” he said.

“To think I almost lost my life! This has been one of the challenges among others.” Allela’s work has been published in a number of magazines and featured in news outlet such as CNN and BBC among others.

He now encourages African heroes to tell their stories and aims to inspire the next generation to celebrate these heroes.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is among the dignitaries Allela has worked with.