Harmonize keeps the media waiting, walks out on them

He granted Tanzanian media all the time they wanted but could only spare three minutes for Kenyan press

In Summary

• His 'pride' left one journalist saying, 'I will never cover anything about him, ever again'

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Kenyan journalists were on Friday night left bewildered after Harmonize gave a three-minute press conference after postponing it multiple times.

The Tanzanian singer had released his new song 'Uno' and organised a media tour in three countries: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

He granted Tanzanian media all the time they wanted and poured his heart out about his current situation with WCB on Thursday. Later that night, he threw a bash for the media and celebrities and even gave a stunning performance of his new song.


On Friday, he had scheduled a press conference for 11am. He then pushed it to 3pm. Just before the time, it was announced that the singer and his management rescheduled it to 7pm.

Not minding the time of the event, journalists arrived in good numbers at the Blue Door VIP lounge and at exactly 7pm sharp, we had settled down, waiting for the star.

An hour later, the singer arrives with his crew and multiple bodyguards, who pushed people out of the way.

"Thanks for the support you have always been giving me," Harmonize said.

He answered two questions and demanded not to be asked about WCB. The singer spoke for about three minutes and walked out of the room, ignoring a journalist who was still asking a question.

Asked by the PR organising the interview about the “one-on-one” interviews he had requested for, the singer gave a big no as his bodyguards pushed the chairs to create way for the singer to get out.

While journalists were left in disbelief at the kind of arrogance they were treated to, it was revealed that the singer’s excuse was that he was late for a TV show, which was starting at 10pm.

“This is the reason we are supporting the Gengetone kids and not these Tanzanian artistes,” a journalist said


In support of the conversation, a writer of a popular newspaper said, “This is not the way to treat people, especially the media. Atajua hajui. His ego will take him nowhere. I will never cover anything about him, ever again!” he swore.

Hours later, Harmonize went to his anticipated TV show like nothing happened.