How ‘depressed’ Betty Bayo wore slippers to a wedding

A bad relationship is a major cause of depression, she says

In Summary

• She belatedly realised she had not combed her hair or applied lotion on herself

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo
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Gospel artiste Betty Bayo has opened up about her battle with depression. The ex-wife of Pastor Victor Kanyari addressed the issue on her new YouTube channel last week.

"Someone might ask if I have ever been depressed and yes, I have. I knew I was depressed after I attended a wedding only to realise that I had worn slippers. I had not combed my hair nor had I applied lotion on myself," she said.

"In my mind, I knew that before I left home I had planned on attending a wedding, but I did not plan on attending while looking unkempt."


Thankfully, Betty has since overcome her depression.

"With time, I will open up on what drove me there in the first place and how I overcame that phase," she said.

"When you are depressed, you feel like you are psychologically trapped. A bad relationship is a major cause of depression.

"When a depressed person comes into contact with other people, they become too paranoid. When people talk and laugh, they tend to think they are the topic of discussion."

In a past interview with Word Is, Kanyari said he and Bayo are co-parenting well, rubbishing claims on social media that he had abandoned his kids.

"When I get time to talk to my children about life issues, I do, and if I don’t get that chance, I always talk to God. I tell him to stand with my children. He will protect your children if you are a righteous person," he said.

"Betty has never denied me a chance to see my kids. Even if I wanted to see them now I can. She is a good woman and a good mother."

The once-upon-a-time lovebirds got married in 2012 at a private wedding, but they separated three years later.