Esma warns women off her new man

Says women on social media throwing themselves at him.

In Summary
  • Says Diamond and Tanasha’s son a copy-paste of her brother.
  • The two have been accused of faking their son’s birth date.
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Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma Khan has warned women against throwing themselves at her new man.

“Women should know their worth. You can never be desperate for a man cause he is hanging out with me. When you DM, don’t seduce him, wait for him to make the move,” she said

Esma told women on social media to stop stooping so low to get his attention.

“The woman saying she has been [mistreated] brought it on herself. You cannot seduce someone that doesn’t know you. And if they don’t like you they will do bad things to you. Why would you complain while you were the one who lowered yourself to him.”

Talking about Diamond and Tanasha’s son, Esma told Wasafi Media that the baby is a copy-paste of her brother.

“The baby has a lot of hair. It’s because Tanasha also has that kind of hair and her dad is Italian. The child really looks like my brother Nasib [Diamond] even though Tanasha is half cast,” she said.

The two have been accused of faking their son’s birth date.

“How can we ever plan the birth of the baby? When labour pains come, you can never plan when the baby is coming out. The baby was born at 1am and it was the day Diamond was born.” Esma said.

“Tanasha was in real pain. I went into a private room to pray and I even felt like helping her ease the pain.”