Demakufu, from nothing to street DJ

Though the industry is crowded, his brand stands out

In Summary

• He used to hustle in Industrial Area before making a name in the deejaying industry

DJ Demakufu
DJ Demakufu
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Street deejay Demakufu says he worked as a street hustler before becoming the spin master he is.

Speaking to Word Is on Monday, he said, "I have had a long journey. I didn't have enough school fees, so I started hustling in Industrial Area, carrying packed juice. That job finally ended, I went back home and my dad was welcoming, he bought me my first mixer."

Adding, "I can tell you that I have come from nothing to something. Be patient and be prayerful to God and ask for favour. DJs are so many and everyone wants to be best. You can be what you want to be."

Demakufu, who started off as DJ Firstborn, has an academy that aims to help grow the deejaying industry in Kenya.

The father of one will be playing at this weekend at the Mashujaa KC party. "I like appreciating my country and my culture," he said.