Sailors thank Mwalimu Rachel for helping hand

All their music videos have been posted on the radio presenter's YouTube channel

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• The group are planning a housewarming party after finally moving out of the ghetto

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Gengetone stars Sailors Gang say radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel has been a great help to the group.

All their music videos have been posted on the radio presenter's YouTube channel.

"We are the ones who looked for Mwalimu Rachel. She helps us a lot in many ways. About the YouTube channel, we have started our own," they told Word Is in an interview on Monday.

The group, who have been performing across the country, recently moved out from the ghetto to Waiyaki Way.


"There is something called growth. You need to step up. When you are blessed, it should be like that. It just had to happen, parents are okay with it as well."

Adding, "We will have a housewarming bash as well and call friends and family."

Mwalimu Rachel, who helped them with their shopping, had previously tweeted: "And just like that my sailors finally moved to their new place after searching for months for a place they would be comfy and within budget.

"Yes, late-night shopping and I had to give them a warning hapo kwa liquor section…mimi ni mama still.

“It’s so weird! They have moved closer to tao, closer to me, but I think the mother in me feels like wametoka kwa watchful eyes of their parents. I have met all their parents. I feel that responsibility."

The group will join other Kenyans in celebrating Mashujaa Day in Nakuru.

"We are performing at the Kenya Cane Mashujaa party, which will be held at Nakuru Athletic Club on Saturday. It is a chance for us to appreciate our country and culture. Also to share our talent with our fans," they said.


"We love to celebrate mashujaa and we will be there to make the whole place lit."

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