Harmonize upset us, says Queen Darleen

She's disconnected from the goings on in his life after he left WCB

In Summary

• She misses nothing about him, says life goes on

Queen Darleen
Queen Darleen
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WCB's first lady Queen Darleen says Harmonize's exit from the label was like a betrayal.

The 'Kijuso' singer told Tanzania's SnS that she misses "nothing" from him.

"Life still goes on. Let's not talk about that person. Let's leave him. When someone disappoints you, you need to stay away from him. Right now, I don't know anything about his life," she said.

Harmonize has now formed his own label, called KondeGang.

Darleen was amazed that Diamond and Tanasha's son was born on the exact date as Diamond. She says unlike reports, the birth date was not faked.


"It is God who planned. She gave birth at 10 months, I personally gave birth to my child at 11 months. These things happen. If there was social media at the time, people would say I am bewitched," she said.