Diana has 'no bad blood' with Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati
Image: Courtesy

Diana Marua allows her hubby Bahati and his baby mama Yvette Obura to communicate for the sake of the daughter they have, Mueni.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she said, "Bahati was really open with me when we got into a relationship with the fact that he has a daughter somewhere. Of course, I knew what I got myself into.


"I was not having the thoughts of how baby mama relationships are with the current girlfriend, that was not in my mind, I was like we will deal with it the way it comes."

Adding that, "The fact that they have a daughter together, they have to communicate. It's all about Mueni. She needs basic needs and its the baby being taken care of."

She added that she and Yvette are on good terms. "There is no bad blood, there is no beef. We communicate."