Tips for a perfect date night at home

Date night Tips for a perfect date night at home
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So you have invited your partner over at your place for date night but you aren’t really sure how things will go.

You already have food setup all cooked and ready to be consumed.

You have already chosen a movie you want to watch. However, there’s a whole lot more than you can do together to keep the date night fun and enjoyable.

This can be done without having to spend money or having to go out.

Here is how:

A video camera:

Forget selfies! You two shouldn’t be taking snapshots of the time you spend together–you should be taking a video of it.

That way, when you miss your partner, you can go back and watch the tape.

Not only will you get to see her smiling face, but you’ll get to hear her voice, too. You could even go into separate rooms and record a video on each other’s phones that you can’t watch until you get home.

That way, you’ll have a sweet message to watch any time you’d like.


It doesn’t matter what your age is, because you’re never too old to create a blanket fort.

Gather all of the pillows and blankets in the house to create a makeshift tent for you and your partner to snuggle beneath.

You could even bring your laptop with you and play nature noises on YouTube, so it feels like you’re in the great outdoors together.

Photo Albums:

If you two have been together for years, you can look at old pictures that you’ve taken together.

If you don’t have any photographs together, then you can show him your baby pictures.

He’ll get a kick out of looking at you as a #baby, and if you want to make a game out of it, you can ask him to guess what was going on when each picture was taken.

Whenever your bae guesses correctly, they win a kiss.


While it’s great to have bagged or canned snacks on hand, it’s even better to have ingredients in your cabinets.

If you have some dough to make pizza with or the materials to make homemade ice cream, you can work for your dessert.

It’ll be a fun way to bond.

General games: 

You don’t have to go out and buy a brand new video game for you two to play, because there’s bound to be something you can use around the house.

A dartboard, an old board game, or a deck of cards (for strip poker) could all come in handy.

As long as you come up with a great wager, the competition will be a blast.


Luckily, we’re part of a generation that no longer has to go to the library or Blockbuster to rent videos for a date.

You can just log on to Netflix and have a huge selection right in front of you.

It makes picking out the movie easier because you don’t have to have it ready before your date. You can wait until your mate arrives and then pick it out together


If you’re sexually active, make sure you have protection on hand.

To set the mood, you should also place some candles around the room and have some oils ready to give your man a massage he’ll never forget.

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