Diamond's mum says no more babies for her

Just want to have fun after recent marriage.

In Summary
  • Married Rally Jones, whom she says loves her just the way she is.
  • Daughter was hoping for a baby sister. 
Mama Dangote and husband Rally Jones
Mama Dangote and husband Rally Jones
Image: Courtesy

Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote, says she did not marry Rally Jones to have kids but to have fun and enjoy life.

“With all this maturity, you are asking me to give birth? We got married to have a good time and not to give birth. My husband loves me just the way I am,” she told Wasafi media.

Mama Dangote said this after her daughter Esma Khan begged for a baby sister.

“We are only two, myself and Diamond Platnumz. If she gives birth to another baby, we will appreciate. I will raise her myself like my own. Mother, please, only one baby girl.”