Madini releases explicitly titled love song amid bans

Touted as a love song, its title has sexual connotations

In Summary

• If people are listening to 'Wamlambez' and 'Mboko Haram', they will listen to him, he believes

Madini Classic
Madini Classic
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Singer Madini Classic is currently making headlines with a love ballad that is stirring controversy over its title, 'Punani'.

Punani is slang for a woman's genitals. "People are afraid of speaking about things that they do in darkness. I did the song in my own studio," he said.

"In this generation, if people are listening to 'Wamlambez' and 'Mboko Haram', then they will listen to us as well.

"The message that people like Jua Cali used to sing when they were starting out is what the gengetone kids are singing but on another level. It's just to maintain the vibe they started with."

He said he is ready for anything. 

"I don't think it will be banned. Whoever is going to ban it will tell me why he has done that. I have put it on YouTube for people to decide whether to watch or not to watch," Madini said.

The singer said Kenyans will only help you when you drop your pride and show respect.

"In this music business, you need to humble yourself to other artistes to get support," he told Word Is yesterday.

"My fellow artiste is like my brother and my fans are like my parents. If I do a project and want Willy Paul to do something for me, I will go to him and ask him. But if you bring pride, your fellow artistes will distance themselves."