Help me pay hospital bill — Mishi Dorah

Her friends and family have 'not come through'

In Summary

• Treatment for inflamed lung has cost her Sh147,000

Mishi Dorah
Mishi Dorah
Image: Courtesy

Reality star Mishi Dorah, famously known for her role in Nairobi D, is admitted at Nairobi Hospital following inflammation of her lung.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Dorah said she decided to go public with the information after her friends and family turned their backs on her.


"I was completely off and when we got here, I was taken straight to an emergency room and got helped," she wrote.

"When I was stable I was brought to HDU, where I’m currently recuperating from an enlarged heart and some inflammation around my left lung…. It has taken me a lot of courage to come out and ask for help since the people I trust and call my friends and family haven’t come through for me."

Dorah said her bill is at Sh147,000, and she is required to pay a deposit of Sh100,000.