Nick Mutuma film depicts struggles of millennials

Mutuma is a director, producer and starring actor in the film

In Summary

• It explores unemployment, which a lot of young and qualified people are facing 

Nick Mutuma
Nick Mutuma
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Famous for his acting, Nick Mutuma will make his directorial and producer debut in ‘You Again’.

This is a romantic comedy by Giraffe Africa Productions in partnership with Darling Hair Kenya, starring Mutuma himself and Mimi Mars, directed by Mutuma and NatashaLikimani.

“I’ve always wanted to tell urban stories about the struggles of millennial. The film explores themes of unemployment in Kenya, which a lot of young and qualified people are facing every day,” he said.

"We worked with a small and moderately experienced team, but the passion and dedication were insurmountable. We also got amazing support from our partner Darling Kenya, who have walked with us in this journey from day one."

'You Again' is the story of Sophia (Mimi Mars), a young, well-educated woman who lands a job at a newly launched TV station.

What was supposed to be her dream job quickly turns into a nightmare as Sophia finds out that she’ll be-anchoring the news with her ex-boyfriend Kingsley (Nick Mutuma).

The 60-minute romantic comedy follows them as they try to come to terms with their situation and deal with unresolved issues from their past.

When asked about how it felt starring in a feature film, Tanzanian songstress Mimi Mars said it’s a huge honour to be a part of the project.

"I’ve always championed East and pan-African collaborations, and although it was my first time on screen, I was made to feel at home with the competent and patient cast and crew,” she said.