Work together to shine together, says Meddy

Singer has been a long-time fan of Kenyan music

In Summary

• Rwandese star says future of music lies in regional cooperation

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Rwandese RnB singer Meddy was in the country last week to create rapport with Kenyan artistes. The 'Slowly' hitmaker gave his two cents on East African music.

"I have followed Kenyan music since I was young. From the times of Ogapa DJs to date. Lately, I have been listening Nyashinski, Willy Paul, Otile Brown and a lot of other artistes that are doing well," he told Word Is.

"East African music is booming right now and it's about time to start working together to shine together as brothers."


Speaking about his hit song 'Holy Spirit', Meddy said it was as a result of hard times in his life at the time.

"It was a very interesting story because I was going through a tough time," he said.

"I was just trying to write a song that would touch people's hearts because we all have those moments when you expect things to go your way and everything is not working out, and you are struggling with many things."

Meddy has already worked with a couple of Kenyan artistes and is set to release the projects soon.