Producer, I now good — Redsan

Singer looking forward to a 'big 2020' full of collabos

In Summary

• Scandal bed the viral meme 'Soja Tunavamiwa', but he can afford to joke about it now

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Dancehall artiste Redsan has for the first time responded to the scandal of him beating up his producer, terming it history.

"That issue was resolved 'cause me and him are good right now," he told the press on Friday during a briefing at Windsor Golf Club and Hotel.

The singer went viral after he was accused of not paying the producer, who worked with him in the album "Baddest".

Talking about the viral meme "Soja Tunavamiwa", the 'Shoulder Back' hitmaker said, "At least I created jobs for some people, they released songs through that."

Talking about his projects, Redsan said he is about to drop collabos. "I will not reveal the artistes I'm working with but in  October, I'm releasing a major collabo. You guys are not ready for 2020. Its gonna be big."