Help us run children’s home, Size 8 appeals to well-wishers

Centre was founded in Buruburu back in 2015 and is run with her husband DJ Mo

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• 'God's gift free daycare and kindergarten' in need after ballooning from five to 135 children

Size 8
Size 8
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Size 8 is appealing for support in raising the needy at her children's home.

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo started 'God's gift free daycare and kindergarten' in Buruburu back in 2015, and after getting married, the two joined efforts to run the children's centre.

Speaking to Word Is, Size 8 said she initially started the centre as a business. But around November 2015, God moved her to make it a free centre for children from needy backgrounds to have a place to come and allow their mothers to go hustle.

"The number is growing daily, and the vision is now bigger than me. That's why I'm publicly speaking out for the number inakua kubwa, I didn't expect it," she said.

The children get free education and daycare services. "It's not been so easy, but God provides. We started with five kids but now the number is bigger every day, coming up to 135 kids," Size 8 said.

The mother of one says it takes a lot of God's grace and sacrifice to keep such a school running, and one has to remain focused on them.

"Especially luxurious things for the sake of the kids. I pay salaries every month to my staff, who are six in number, and house rent as well," she said.

She sees them as her children, her family.