Willy Paul accused of assault, murder threats

Star is said to have hit his then girlfriend repeatedly and threatened to shoot her

In Summary

• He told MKU student that If she made it till morning [alive], she was a miracle baby

Willy Paul and Susan Mwaniki
Willy Paul and Susan Mwaniki
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Susan Mwaniki, a student at Mount Kenya University, has accused controversial singer Willy Paul of physically abusing her and threatening to kill her in his Syokimau house on July 3.

Speaking exclusively to Word Is on Wednesday, Susan narrated the details of the ordeal that lasted four hours.

“We were in the car heading to his home in Syokimau from Juja when he asked me if I was talking to his pal called Kelvin," she said.

"Willy Paul grabbed my phone and searched for his number on WhatsApp and SMSes. He went wild and started threatening me. I knew he was violent, but I did not think he would beat me up." 


Susan reported the threat to her life at the Thika Police Station via OB number 150/5/7/2019.

"He hit me repeatedly, I could not defend myself because he said he would shoot me. He had earlier posted a photo of a gun on his Instagram, so I was scared. We went into the house, I thought it was over but it got worse," Susa said.

"He turned on the Meko and put water in a sufuria. He kept telling me how he was going to kill me and that it was not the first time he had done that. He even said that If I make it till morning, I am a miracle baby. He kept saying he would kill me because no one cheats on him."

Susan had dated Willy Paul for several weeks before the assault happened.

Willy Paul is yet to comment on the allegation. Our calls and texts to the Jigijigi hitmaker went unanswered.