Drugs? Sonko accusers don’t know him — Saumu

She said allegations against him of drug dealing are hurtful

In Summary

• The governor's daughter said he helps a lot in the country

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's daughter Saumu Mbuvi says the worst troll about her politician father is being told he is a drug dealer.

The flamboyant governor has many times denied claims he is involved in the drugs business. "I saved the little money I was getting. I have not killed anyone, I do not sell drugs," he is on record as saying.

“I own properties all the way from Lamu to Vanga. I have got over 1,000 title deeds of (genuine) properties, which I own. I have over 150 logbooks of cars, which I own.”


Speaking to Radio Jambo yesterday, Saumu said, "It does affect me because they don't know what kind of a person my dad is. My dad helps a lot in this country. Saying that he is a thief hurts me," she said.

Saumu attributed his success to hard work and determination. "I know he has gone through so much to be where he is," she said.

Saumu said she is not yet convinced to join politics, although she has been a leader at Jomo Kenyatta University.

"Right now I can't compete for leadership because I want to empower young girls. I don't want to rush into politics," she said. She said she will be opening a children's home in Malindi by June next year.

Saumu was previously dating businessman Ben Gatu, whom she said was violent. "The violence was there but I left the relationship and went to my dad, apologised and asked for forgiveness," she said.

She is currently dating Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip. The two met in Mombasa.

"He was my best friend for a while and encouraged me on my projects. He was more of a friend and all that time, he advised me in politics. Anwar was the first person I could tell about my problem," she said.


Her message to haters is, "Being a governor's daughter does not mean we don't make mistakes. We all make mistakes."


She says those who speak ill about her should stop because she does not need their publicity. "They should look for something else to do," she said.