Mathare Festival scheduled for next month

It brings out the elements of the unity of purpose via mutual diversification

In Summary

• Fest gives a view of Mathare from the lens of 'optimism, hope and beauty'

Yunasi Band members
Yunasi Band members
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The great Mathare Festival is scheduled for September 21 at KCB grounds. It is an all-inclusive Mtaani Festival that was established to bring to light the various aspects of communities' values and attributes, ranging from talent discovery, nurturing and promotion levels.

The festival has a special segment called The Food Festival, where various ethnic groups from different communities are given a platform to showcase their unique techniques and methods of cooking a variety of foods.

"With this, we are collectively able to bring out the elements of the unity of purpose via mutual diversification," Yunasi Band member Simon Nyarieko told Word Is yesterday.

Mathare festival is also aimed at addressing community challenges like drug and substance abuse, crime and unemployment, boy child and girl child issues.

"Through this kind of festival, we are also able to view Mathare from different lenses! The lens of optimism, hope and beauty," Nyarieko said.