I regret venturing into music, says Tedd Josiah

He has never received royalties from MCSK

In Summary

• The former producer wishes he had focused on his now thriving bag business

Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah
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Music producer and businessman Tedd Josiah say he regrets having first ventured into music.

Tedd started as a musician with the group Ebony Affair before forming a new group, Hart, in 1993. The group was disbanded in 1995 and he joined Sync Sound Studios as a producer.

Tedd is credited for producing albums for Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Kalamashaka among other legends.

Speaking to Word Is yesterday, Tedd says he spent over 30 years doing and producing music but never received royalties from MCSK.

"There are things you do and wish you started them earlier, like doing my bag business is much better than concentrating on doing music," he said.

He says if he spent the time and energy on his company, he would have made more money. After losing his wife two years ago, he quit his producer job to make his late wife’s fashion business a reality.

Tedd says his soul spoke loudly, he couldn’t let the thoughts of the new venture go, and he knew he had to give up his job. Tedd says three days before Regina died, she announced she was going back to her fashion business and that she was a great designer who made the items she designed like bags.

It is now a  thriving business called Joka Jok. "I love music but looking at finance, it has not been beneficial at all. I feel sorrow when I think about it," he said.

As a producer, he also commented on the new crop of music released nowadays. Asked if he would produce such music, Tedd said most of those songs speak about sex, a topic he is not interested in.

"I am not a fan of sexually overt music, and I wouldn't want to make music that is only talking about sex. I wouldn't come to help them even if they asked me to because I wouldn't even understand how to do it," he said.

Other popular Kenyan performers he has worked with include Suzzana Owiyo and Achieng' Abura.