If I wed, women will flock to oppose it - Willy Paul

Pozze has reportedly been dating his supposed baby mama, Mali Queen

In Summary

• He is dating but wants no wedding because he's afraid women will spoil it

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Controversial musician Willy Paul, alias Pozze, says he will not hold a wedding because he fears different women will appear and spoil his big day.

The 'Hallelujah' hitmaker has previously denied having romantic inspiration. In an earlier interview with Word Is, Pozze drew a line between the content of his songs and his personal life.

“I’m not in love, although I know how to compose love songs,” he said. “Women are difficult to deal with. It is not me but life has taught me; I don’t believe in love.”

But now he has finally admitted to Word Is that he is in love.

"I am dating but no wedding because they have a lot of issues, I don't want the pastor to ask if there is anyone who is against my wedding and a flock of women stands up. I know what women do," he said.

He further said he is protecting his family and he does not want them to get trolled. "Let anyone who hates me insult me but not my family," he added.

Pozze has reportedly been dating his supposed baby mama, Mali Queen, who told off other women groupies on Instagram to stay the (expletive) away from her man.

“Yah’ll ladies he’s Fully taken and soon will be walking down the aisle with the Mother to his Most Adorable son #KingDamian…Keep away ladies don’t bring him temptations,” she wrote.

Asked about his latest controversial song, 'Lamba Nyonyo', Pozze said people should not focus on it as he was just having fun. "Nikujinice tu," he said.

He says he is not affected by negativity that comes from people about his music. "As an artiste, you have to get a thick skin and don't focus on everything people say about you. After all, what you are doing is what is paying your bills," Pozze said.

He says he loves all his fans, respects everyone but chooses what to take as advice.