Prayers keep Evelyn relevant in the industry

All her songs are 'inspired by God himself'

In Summary

• She released her fourth album last week, which has eight songs

Evelyn Wanjiru
Evelyn Wanjiru
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Gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru says prayers have kept her relevant in the music industry.

Speaking to Word Is on Friday, she said, "The reason my songs remain relevant even after a long period is prayers and not rushing just to release a song."

Evelyn, who has her own recording studio, takes time to work on a song so it can come out excellently. She released her fourth album last week, which has eight songs.

"I am so grateful to God that He has made it possible for me to have an amazing powerful album. All the songs are inspired by God himself," she said.

She says the album took her two years to release because most of her songs are inspired by God and day-to-day life experience. Evelyn started her music career at the age of nine when, as a child, she sang at church and school music festivals.

She recorded her first album 'Mazingira', which was later re-branded as 'Waweza'. This album resulted in increased public awareness and accolades, most notably for the songs "Waweza" and "Hossana."

“Waweza” was nominated for Worship Song and Wanjiru as New Artiste of the Year in the 2012 Groove Awards.