Lulu can’t remember last time she, Rashid argued

Their relationship has been an inspiration to many

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• The couple shared a few photos on their gram, celebrating the far they have come

Rashid with Lulu
Rashid with Lulu
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TV personalities Lulu Hassan and her husband Rashid Abdalla marked 10 years since they walked down the aisle on Wednesday.

The couple, an inspiration to many, shared a few photos through their gram, celebrating the far they have come.

Lulu uploaded a photo showing off her wedding bands and wrote, "Thank you for always being my rainbow after a storm. #10yearsstrong #HappyAnniversary."

Rashid shared a photo of their wedding and captioned it," A day like today 10 years ago. God is great."


Speaking to Word Is on Wednesday, Lulu said, "The journey has been great because we are friends more than husband and wife."

She said apart from being a couple where the wife has to be submissive to the husband, they chose to be friends and, therefore, can help each other in everything.

The couple has so far been blessed with two handsome boys, and just recently, they added a baby girl, making their family complete.

"No plans to get another child," she said.

Asked on how she has managed to juggle between work and family, Lulu said, "Our house helps have helped me in raising my kids, and that is how I can juggle between work and family."

She said it is how you decide to treat your house helps that matters most. "Like for us, we do everything together, including going for holidays," Lulu said.


Lessons she has learnt from her marriage include the need to always learn to understand each other and solve your issues before going to sleep.

"To the young people, don't get married since you see my marriage as perfect, but instead know what you want to achieve from that marriage because people are different," she said.

On how they solve their differences, Lulu said she can't remember the last time they quarrelled.

Her legacy is to teach marriage values and friendship and work ethics. "I don't want people to remember me as a person of publicity stunts," she said.

Her advice to young people is to also look for side hustles and not only depend on employment.