Give state commendation to Churchill, says Salvador

His mission in life is to help people, but he says the award 'can wait'

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• King of Comedy lifted Ugandan counterpart from obscurity

Comedian Salvado
Comedian Salvado
Image: Ezekiel Aming'a

Daniel Ndambuki, alias Churchill, has touched many people's lives and deserves a state commendation, fellow comedian Patrick Salvador from Uganda has said.

"This man is absolutely special to us for what he has done not just to Kenyans but across the continent," Salvador said.

"Even if it's to start a hashtag for him to get a presidential award for the work he has done, let's do it."

He spoke during a press conference ahead of Friday's Laugh Festival at the KICC.


"I was in another comedy show for a long time and had even performed in Nairobi without recognition, but when Churchill asked me to jump into his show, it was never the same again. I was known by so many people," he said.

"I'm so honoured to not only be your workmate but also your friend. I'd like him to get recognition from the president like an award. Thank you, Churchill, because you have changed my life."

In response, Churchill said, "My mission in life is to help people. About the award, that can wait."

Salvado on Friday brought Nairobi to a standstill with his humorous jokes that left Kenyans in stitches.

Other comedians who performed were Kenya's Eric Omondi, Sleepy David and MC Jessy, Tanzania's Coy Mzungu and Rwanda's Arthur Nkusi.

Laugh Industry Limited has been in existence for over 14 years, since 2005. It is registered as a limited liability company, and this was the third edition of the Laugh Festival.