Laugh Festival back for round 3

Comics from Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania will join their Kenyan colleagues

In Summary

• Event unites African comedians in Nairobi

Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki
Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki
Image: Courtesy

Africa’s comedy scene is gearing up for a game-changing, rib-cracking affair. This is courtesy of an easy, humourous evening in the 3rd International Africa Laugh Festival.

The show is presented by the King of Kenyan comedy Daniel Ndambuki, alias Churchill.

The show, which will take place today at the KICC grounds, will feature African comedians such as Uganda's Agnes Akite, Patric Salvado and Teacher Mpamire, Rwanda's Arthur Nkusi, Tanzania's Coy Mzungu, Kenya's Eric Omondi, Sleepy David and MC Jessy.


Last year, Churchill also brought together African comedians who gathered Kenyans from different denominations together.

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