Politician regrets Sh200k shot on ‘borehole’ TV girl

Yet another presenter in salacious affair

In Summary

• He claims to have gotten a raw deal from a TV girl he slept with

A viewer watches TV
A viewer watches TV
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Moneyed politicians have become the main target for TV girls.

A vocal politician recently slept with a TV presenter. He later went on to brag to his friends, saying, "I paid 0.2 million for a shot but it wasn't worth it. She is a borehole."

The man always points at the lady whenever she is on the screen and reminds his squad of how he wasted his money on her.

The TV girl in question is known for her motherly skills. She has been making headlines around and she's always talking about girl child empowerment. 

The said politician is married with kids and will be vying for a top seat come the next general election.