Wahu loses a kilo a week in her workout challenge

She has roped in her family to the fitness streak

In Summary

• Singer is also avoiding wheat for 40 days

Singer Wahu
Singer Wahu
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Gospel singer Wahu is involving her family in working out. The mother of two says she has been working out in the past but she got busy and stopped.

"A few years ago, I used to work out for health purposes and I am back to it again," Wahu told Word Is yesterday.

To begin with, Wahu has taken two challenges, which involve 100 days working out five days a week, and 40 days without wheat.


"Wheat is not that healthy and I want to involve my family in avoiding it. Like for my kids, we have adopted a system of no junk during the week and only junking on Sundays," Wahu said.

"I have lost a kilogram in a week and am working to lose more. I have no target of getting to a certain level because I have done that before and failed, which left me feeling a failure."

Is her husband involved? "Nameless is improving because he is a very sweet-tooth guy. He loves eating anything sweet but now he is taking up my journey and taking a lot of water," she said. "He is fortunate enough to have a fit body, which does not add so much weight."

Two years ago, Nameless suffered a life-threatening condition that left him admitted in hospital for a while. He had subarachnoid haemorrhage, which is a rapture of small blood vessels in the brain. He was put in the High Dependent Unit as a result.

"Before then, he was working out but after falling sick, he had to do away with it. He is, however, slowly coming back," Wahu said.

She is also using the workout time for spiritual nourishment. "I work out for one hour and during that time, I make sure I am on my headphones, listening to some preachings. That becomes an extra time for me with my God," she said.

Wahu advises people to embrace a healthy lifestyle to avoid having problems in future. "I know it is difficult and needs a lot of discipline, but it is very important to try and train your family as well," she said.