Of two lesbian journalists and their pimp

Recently, the squad went for a mini-vacay at an exotic location

In Summary

• Two female media personalities are rumored to be having a thing

Two women holding hands
Two women holding hands
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Two female media personalities who've been trending for all the wrong reasons are rumoured to be having a thing. The women, together with their squad, have been travelling for weekend getaways, leaving many envious of their lifestyle. 

Recently, the girl squad went for a mini-vacay at an exotic location, and a close source to the ring leader of the group whispered to us more details about them.

They were sponsored by a controversial businessman and pimp, who travelled together with them. The man is said to be dating one of the ladies, who's popular despite the fact that she's a lesbian and her 'man' is well known. 

A man close to the women was invited and even given a woman to enjoy his holiday with but he declined the request.

The pimp is well known for sleeping and sponsoring top female celebrities, among them respected names in the media.