Akothee accuses daughter of lying

She said she was doing her hair but came home at midnight

In Summary

• Star waited up late for her and appeared to suspect she was at a man's place


Akothee confronted her daughter, Rue Baby, after she came home late way past her curfew.

In an Instagram video, Akothee asked her, “Yesterday, what time did you come home? You did not know I was here? That I was in Nairobi? I waited for you until midnight. 11:00 pm, my friend you were not in this house.”

Rue responded with a weak, “I had gone to do my hair." Akothee did not accept the excuse, saying, “At midnight? In Nairobi city? You had gone to do your hair?”

“There was a long line, mum,” Rue said. “Don’t you see my hair?”

"Continue doing your hair until your stomach becomes big and somebody will be kicking inside. Then you will definitely know that you are doing your hair. In fact, do your hair since 5 o'clock in the morning."