I once supplied chang'aa on boda boda — Chipukeezy

Anti-drugs activist once involved in hustle that promoted the vice, but now uses his past to inspire others

In Summary

• Asked why he quit the job, the Nacada boss, says he was involved in an accident that left him injured.

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Nacada board member Chipukeezy says growing up, he worked so hard to get himself out of poverty. As part of his hustles, he transported traditional brew 'chang'aa' to make a living.

"After high school, I became a boda-boda rider and my work was also to transport chang'aa to different places at our home," Chipukeezy told Word Is yesterday.


Asked why he quit the job, he said he was involved in an accident that left him injured.

"It rained so heavily and I fell with the boda, but I was also tired of living in shags," he said.

He then came to Nairobi, where he began going for auditions. "I have travelled to so many schools because my work was to act in set books," Chipukeezy said.

He says that was a good platform for him to build himself in the industry. His aim was to feature in Tahidi High and become like the comedy godfather Churchill.

Chipukeezy was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors at Nacada last year.

"I can go back to my village with authority and tell people the truth about drugs. That is part of my life that I am not shy about, and I will always want to speak about my past to inspire someone else," he said.

His advice to people is to stop stigmatising alcohol taking and become open about it. "Let us tell the children the truth about it so they have the knowledge before they get to a point they are now abusing it."