I cry every time I visit my home, says Samidoh

Singer has risen from the trenches to become a formidable Kikuyu Benga maestro

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• He lost his mother after joining form one, and it hurts to this day

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Samuel Muchoki, better known as Samidoh, has become a household name in the music industry. Millions of fans like and dance to his tunes, which have dominated Kikuyu music charts since he shot to the limelight three years ago.

The soft-spoken singer has risen from the trenches to become one of the most formidable Kikuyu Benga music maestro of our age.

He says his fame has, however, not come on a silver platter. He had to break several barriers in life to be one of the top artistes.

In 2009, Samidoh was a backup artiste at Kamande wa Kioi's band, but in 2016, he ventured fully into music.

"I wrote my first song 'Ndiri mutwe mwega' (I don't have a straight mind) at night," he said in a YouTube interview, adding that the song is based on a true story.

His secret in music is that he tries to maintain the art in his songs. Samidoh grew up an orphan, as he lost his father when he was only three and later lost his mother after joining form one.

"I had to raise myself from there, and I felt strong when she left but right now, I go home and cry once I remember the kind of life I lived then," he said.

At some point in life, he dropped out of school in class seven and looked for a herding job, but a good Samaritan helped him go back to school. "The foundation my mother raised me up with was great and it has made me who I am right now because she was very strict," Samidoh said.

His advice to young artistes is to be humble before God so He can uplift them. Samidoh is also an AP officer since 2013, and he has worked in Dadaab and Mpeketoni. "I can never leave my military work because I looked for that job while naked," he said.

His other popular songs include, 'Niwe Ndarathimiirwo' (It's you I was blessed with) 'Kairitu Gakwa' (My daughter) and 'Tuhii Twitu' (Boy Child). He was among the artistes who performed at Koroga Festival at Tatu City on Sunday .

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