Khaligraph 'spent less to shoot in US'

Rapper spent less than Sh100,000

In Summary

• Compared to videos he has shot in Kenya, the US needed a much lower budget

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones
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Khaligraph Jones says he spent less than Sh100,000 to shoot the video of his new song.

"'Leave Me Alone' was shot in Dallas and Houston, Texas, a day before I came back to Kenya," Khaligraph said in a TV interview.

He says compared to videos he has shot in Kenya, that one was shot on a very low budget.


"I spent less than a Sh100,000 because unlike Kenya, where if want to shoot a video, I have to pass through so many limitations, but in the US, I did it freely, with no one asking you to pay them for the places you are shooting at," he said.

The rapper says it was cheap and so he took the advantage to shoot his other videos.

The song is one week old and has garnered over 600 views on YouTube.