Love songs create more lives — Jah Cure

Star held a press conference after arriving in the country yesterday

In Summary

• Jah Cure is known as the King of Lovers Rock and Roots Reggae

Jamaican Reggae superstar Jah Cure
Jamaican Reggae superstar Jah Cure
Image: Moses Mwangi

Jamaican star Jah Cure is in the country to headline 'The Umoja Splash Festival' the much-anticipated show at Uhuru Gardens on Saturday. This is the second time the star is performing in Kenya.

"I love Kenya and I think I have a connection with Kenyans," Jah Cure said during a press conference yesterday. Jah Cure is known as the King of Lovers Rock and Roots Reggae. He says he sings love songs because they help in creating more lives.

"I realised that love songs make lives and I focused on doing more. When people listen to love songs they make more lives. I also go hard when singing love songs," he said.

Jah Cure says he is happy that he will get an opportunity to interact with the ghetto people.

"I am so ready to interact with the people in the ghetto. I have been walking in the slums of Kibera a long time, and I will do it again cause I love to see my people. I wanna mingle and connect with them cause I did not come to Africa just to sing. I may walk barefoot this week, too, and I wanna feel the ground so I wanna connect," he said.

Jah cure says he will be visiting the Maasai community and dress like them. "I'm gonna sing every song that you know and every song that you request 'cause I came with my heart full because Kenya is overwhelming."

The organisers promise Kenyans to be ready for the biggest-ever reggae festival.

Umoja Splash Festival is going to be a fivefold tour, starting with Nairobi and rolling into the rest of the country.

The Umoja Splash Festival aims to promote unity among the youth. Some of his well-known songs include 'Call on me' and 'Never find'. The event is sponsored by Radio Jambo.

#Jahcure in #Kenya : 'I come with my heart full for Kenyans'