Switcharoo launches 15 Feet Deep Campaign

Six artists apiece from Kenya and France will interact in the culmination of the drive

In Summary

• All products are locally sourced and custom hand-painted by a team of 15 painters.

Switcharoo Denim jacket
Switcharoo Denim jacket
Image: courtesy

Fashion organisation Switcharoo on Friday launched a campaign to support artists called the "15ft Deep Campaign".

The campaign is an initiative centred around selling 1,500 tote bags at Sh 1,000 each and denim jackets at Sh1,500 each in 15 days. All products are locally sourced and custom handpainted by a team of 15 painters.

This campaign is targeted at raising funds to cater to Part B of the company's transnational artist exchange programme, set to take place in Nantes, France, in August.

See six artists from Kenya and six from France will interact on the French side of the spectrum, having interacted and created in Kenya last year in December.