Ethic signed to new record label

Move gives them a leg-up in will leverage our influence

In Summary

• Group to work with AI records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.


Popular sensational music group Ethic Entertainment will unveil their first single and music video today under their new record label, AI Records.

The fast-rising group is also set to release their new single today called 'Figa', a song that talks about the beauty of a well-endowed woman.

Speaking of their new move, Ethic's manager, John Mbugua said, "We are thrilled to join AI Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, Africa, and look forward to making good music and putting Kenya on the global arena.

"It’s a great opportunity for us musically, as it gives us a leg-up in coming up with projects that will leverage our influence and appeal in crossing the borders with our music."

This comes just six months after the group and their former manager, Telehmani, were involved in a heated dispute.

Recently, Raila Odinga Junior said Ethic is his best music group in the country.

"I want to meet them and even do a show for them. So look for them," he said.