Men can smell desperation — Kate Actress

The way you carry and value yourself as a single mum influences a man's attraction, she says

In Summary

• Kate says her heart was shattered and she had committed herself to giving her son the best.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress
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Actress Catherine Kamau, alias Kate Actress, says she had settled on raising her child as a single mother before getting married to Philip Karanja.

"Men can smell desperation from far," Kate said in a Q and A conversation with her Instagram followers.

"I honestly wasn't looking for a man to marry me because my heart was shattered then and I had committed myself to giving my son the best."

The former 'Mother-in-Law' star said real men also notice a focused, ambitious woman, especially one who loves her child unconditionally.

Philip, who was once Kates' director, confirmed in a previous interview that what attracted him to the actress is her hard work.

Kate said, "The way you carry and value yourself as a single mum will determine the kind of man you will unconsciously attract."