‘Tujenge’ is not a political song — gospel star Pitson

Song informs the public about the importance of government initiatives amid affordable housing project

In Summary

• Star says the song is a not secular but a commentary on happenings in the country.

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Gospel artistes Pitson and Mercy Masika have released a new song, 'Tujenge', informing the public about the importance of government initiatives.

The government has been trying to introduce a housing levy, where Kenyan workers should contribute 1.5 per cent of their basic salary to raise funds for the construction of affordable houses.

"If well executed and properly put in place then, the project will be amazing for all Kenyans," Pitson told Word Is yesterday.

Pitson says he found it a good idea, and through Chris Adwar, they talked to the PS, who gave them the go-ahead to write the song.

"The song is not secular but a song that speaks about the common things happening in our country. The fact that I am a gospel artiste does not hinder me from speaking about such things in my songs. It is talking about issues of life," Pitson said.

His message to his fans is not to judge the song according to the project, but instead, judge it on whether it is a nice song and whether he delivered in his writing.

The song means "let us build". Pitson and Masika are urging Kenyans to build houses and other social amenities that help the society.

The song was performed for the first time by Pitson and Mercy Masika during the breaking ground ceremony of one of the flagship projects (Lot 1A) on Thursday at Park Road, which has 1,640 units.

The project was commissioned by the state department for Housing And Urban Development.

The song encourages Kenyans to be mindful of the future generation by proving shelter. It lauds the government for intervening and providing Affordable ...