I am depressed, suicidal — Ray C

It's not clear what is bugging her, but songstress has history of fighting drug addiction

In Summary

• Singer has been going through stress.

Ray C
Ray C
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Tanzanian songstress Ray C is depressed. The 'Mama Nitilie' hitmaker took to social media to air her tribulations, saying she is contemplating suicide.

'I’m so depressed,' Ray C posted on her Instagram stories. 

"Huu mwaka naskia kujiua, nina mawazo sana (This year, I feel like committing suicide, I am thinking too much)," she wrote.

She, however, did not share much about what has been going on in her life. But in the past, we have seen her struggle with drug addiction that left her overweight and homeless at some point in 2017.

A few months ago, the sassy singer introduced her new Caucasian man to the online community, and it’s not clear whether her depression is because of her career of relationship.

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