God hates divorce, not divorcees - Betty Bayo

Singer urges those in abusive marriages to move on

In Summary

• Bayo says no one should stand a violent marriage and end up in depression.

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo
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Betty Bayo has advised people not to stay in an abusive marriage.

"God hates divorce but not divorcées because He understands the pain they go through," Betty said on YouTube.

The gospel singer, famous for her hit single 'Eleventh Hour', married Kanyari, whom she described as a “good man with a good heart”, in 2012 at a private ceremony.

Three years after the two lovebirds went separate ways, Betty says she wanted a marriage that would last and make her family. This, however, did not happen. "As a celebrity, your fans expect too much from you, and you may want to make them happy because there is no one who wants their weakness to show in public," she said.

She, however, insists no one should stand a violent marriage and end up in depression. "I had tried my best to save our marriage, but it got a point where emotions died because of what they are making you go through."

Betty has finally moved on and is set to wed. She wrote on social media that she is engaged. "I have moved on but when the right time comes, I will speak about it. I will even introduce you to the man and even my wedding... You will all know him," Betty told Word Is.