'Unbwogable' killed 'Ninanoki' — Nameless

Singer revisits the competition in his early days in the game

In Summary

• It was a message by Tedd to Ogopa that they still rule, artiste says

• He and E-Sir teamed up after that 'because we felt threatened'

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Nameless has released the remix to his first-ever song 'Megarider', which he worked on with Tedd Josiah as his producer 20 years ago.

Back then, beef among artistes was different, not like now when you just go call someone out on social media.

After Nameless released 'Ninanoki', he knew it would be a hit, and after being released, it was exactly that, but with Ogopa DJ.

After his hard work, he went on holiday to the UK, but shock on him. Another label unleashed a new single that beat 'Ninanoki'.

"The song that killed 'Ninanoki', a month after I went to the UK for holiday, was 'Unbwogable' by Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji, produced by Tedd Josiah, who I only got a chance to work with on one song," Nameless told Adelle and Shaffie on Kiss.

It was a message by Tedd to Ogopa that they still rule. "I had to go back to the drawing board. The song felt like it was to me. Have you heard the words? Who are you? What are you? Who the hell do you think you are?" he said.

"Another reason why I teamed up with E-Sir was because we felt threatened." 

But guess what, just after Ogopa’s reign, Calif Records came up. With all his hits, Nameless decided to collaborate with the king of rap Khaligraph Jones and release the remix to his first song, 'Megarider'.

He says he learned a lot working with the new crop of the entertainment industry. His advice to them after being in the game for 20 years and still relevant is:

"Artistes need to realise that A-listers bring the money to company — radio stations. So they have to understand that sometimes you have to be put on hold up until the company sees that you can bring in money. Basically, make music that can make you money," he said.


'Megarider' has been trending on YouTube since its release a week ago.

Song: MEGARIDER (remix) Written and performed by Nameless and Khaligraph Jones Produced by Cedo BGV. Lydia Ndwiga mixed and mastered by Ogopa ...