My parents wanted me to study law – Mimi Mars

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- Mum not happy about her music career but supports her anyway

Mimi Mars
Mimi Mars
Image: Elizabeth Ngigi

Vanessa Mdee's sister, Mimi Mars says her parents pushed her to study law.

"I did law before venturing into music because it was my parents choice and I wanted to make them happy," Mimi told Word Is on Thursday.

Two years ago, she made a decision to completely venture into the music industry. She already has five songs and has released an EP.

"The journey has been amazing and I keep learning every day despite the challenges here and there, but they keep building me," she said.

As a young girl Mimi, together with her sisters Vanessa Mdee and Tero, sang in the church choir. But it was in 2010 when she realised she could actually sing after she recorded and heard her own voice.

"I have an EP which I released in December titled 'The Road', based on love, heartbreaks and many scenarios that happen in life. It is inspired by my personal experience, family and even my friends' experiences," she said.

The biggest challenge she has faced so far is finance. "At times I even feel like quitting music, when I was trying to get shows and people were like I was too young to give a good show that would make money for them," she said.

"I felt bad because I was also aiming at making money to build my brand more and even thought of quitting."

She says her mother is not happy that she is in music but she has no choice but to support her.

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