Wema Sepetu stuns with new style

Tanzanian actress and beauty queen Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu Tanzanian actress and beauty queen Wema Sepetu
Image: Courtesy

Wema Sepetu has credited her new look and style to the hardships she has gone through. The former Miss Tanzania has cut her hair and lately, she has only been slaying with three-piece-suits.

"I know many people are shocked with my change of style, but it is how I deal with life, especially after going through a hard time," Sepetu said.

Last year, the actress was banned from the Tanzanian acting industry after an intimate video of herself and a person she called her future husband went viral.

Sepetu, who has also lost a lot of weight, said she is hurting after missing out on the Best Actress award in Sinema Zetu International Film Festival

"I thank fans for voting for me, at least we tried. So we will try next time, Inshallah," she said.