Ciku Muiruri releases 'Love is But a Dream'

Sequel already in progress following rave reviews

In Summary

-The light-hearted book covers love and relationships through the experiences of different people

-There will be a book signing at Text Book Centre, Junction Mall, from 11am-1pm on Saturday

Ciku Muiruri
Ciku Muiruri
Image: Courtesy

Ciku Muiruri, formerly of ‘Busted’ fame, has released a book titled ‘Love is But A Dream.’

The book covers different topics that transverse love and relationships and examines some of the lessons learned from people’s experiences, written from a humorous perspective.

It is Ciku’s first book, and she’s already working on her second one. “The response for this book has been really great. I’m really happy, especially when someone comes back for more books after they are done because they have recommended it to other people,” she says.

Adding, “Writing has always been my first love but life sometimes gets in the way of pursuing your passions. I’ve made time for it now."

There will be a meet-and-greet Book Signing at Text Book Centre, Junction Mall, from 11am-1pm tomorrow.