INSA crafts mural on UoN drawn from Maasai beads

Project done in partnership with the BBC

In Summary

• The London-based global artist INSA is in Kenya for art project

INSA paints at the UoN
INSA paints at the UoN
Image: Courtesy

London-based global artist INSA is in Kenya, where he is producing a huge art mural at the University of Nairobi.

"I have been painting for more than 25 years," INSA told Word Is yesterday.

"The biggest artwork I have ever done was in Brazil. It was the biggest painting in the planet. We even hired a satellite to shoot the photography for four days."

The mural he is expected to set up is in line with the BBC campaign, 'Make More of your world'.

The overall theme is to make more of your world, but the particular theme on this artwork is in technology and business. The circuit board and stock market rising represent a greater understanding of technology businesses can flourish. The pattern, drawn from Maasai beads, represents crafts and local expertise.

INSA wants to portray how people can “improve yourself with knowledge”.

This is the third country in which he is installing an art mural in partnership with BBC. He was previously in India and Nigeria.

“The beauty of this mural is that it will be seen at the University of Nairobi but will go online and it will be seen globally. It has a dual identity; it lives here at the university but also lives online. That’s the unique art form that I do,” he said.

Asked what inspires him, he said, "Everything inspires me and my work and that is why I always want to travel around the world to get unique ideas."

His advice to young people who want to venture into art is to remain focused and love what they do.

"This is, of course, without forgetting to market themselves out there for them to be known. But passion should be the greatest thing. Love your work more than what you are earning from it. Chase your love not money," he said.

The mural will be handed over to the University of Nairobi today.