Rihanna eyes Kenya in Africa tour

Promoters have their work cut out for them to satisfy Rihanna's demands

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Rihanna's management is searching for a credible promoter for the East African leg

Rihanna on stage
Rihanna on stage
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Word Is can confirm to you that Rihanna's people are looking to bring her to Kenya for a concert.

This news was broken by Phat! Productions founding director Mike Strano.

Mike shared a letter from Rihanna's management, searching for a credible promoter who can take up the East African leg of the tour, specifically in Kenya.

It read: "Rihanna is going on tour this fall. We are looking at September 1-October 31."

Speaking exclusively to Word Is, Mike said, "Yes, I believe Rihanna will get at least 2-3 shows in Africa, probably Johannesburg and Cape Town, as traditional markets for such A-listers. Then maybe Lagos."

Adding, "Since we put the word out this morning, we've had an inquiry from Kenya and Tanzania. We expect one from Uganda, as they've also hosted A-listers before."

Mike says Kenyan fans should have their fingers crossed.


Asked how easy it will be for a Kenyan promoter to take this up financially and technically, Mike said, "In every market, this would need to be a heavy sponsor-driven concert."

Promoters have their work cut out for them to satisfy Rihanna's demands.

Rihanna will be travelling with a party of 60 people. They will need local transportation to and from the hotel during the tour.

For accommodation, they will need 20 single rooms in a five star and above, 10 single rooms and 15 double rooms in a four star.

Their catering demands are addressed in the "Hospitality Riders".

We are yet to find out if any Kenyan promoter has been selected to be part of the tour.

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