Wyre hails ‘Nakupenda Pia’ as his breakthrough song


Wyre The Love Child says working with Jamaican star Alaine opened opportunities for him.

"That single was a breakthrough for me because I got an opportunity to go to Jamaica to shoot the music video, which was a great experience," Wyre told Word Is yesterday.

The two connected when Alaine visited Kenya and Wyre happened to be among the people performing at the event.

"I got to contact her management years later and asked them if she would be interested to work with me. It was easy because she had heard a couple of my songs," he said.

"The person who was linking me up with her sent her a couple of my works as well, and she liked them. I dashed to the studio and did some lines, and sent them to her."

Wyre says Alaine was quiet for a while and he had even given up. He thought she did not like the song.

"Finally, she emailed us and said she liked the song. She sent me her vocals as well."

Wyre says the two still talk and will be working on another collabo.

"We will release it when the vibe comes," he said.

He has a new song titled 'Wanilinda', where he is thanking God. Fans are asking, has he decided to jump on the gospel train?

"It's just but putting on pen and paper my feelings, but you never know," Wyre said.